3 Reasons This Necklace is Perfect for Horse Lovers

Whether you know someone who is a horse lover or you’re a horse lover yourself — this Personalized Photo Projection Horseshoe Necklace is a super unique way to show off a love for horses. The product is fully customizable with choices between ordering a gold, rose gold, or silver horseshoe necklace. You also get to choose between stainless steel or 925 sterling silver to ensure that you are fully involved in the creation process. The best part about this necklace is the customization that comes with the photo projection feature — find a meaningful photo to take with you everywhere you go. Here are three reasons why every horse lover needs this necklace:

 1. The Horseshoe Design

The necklace immediately catches the eye because of the intricate horseshoe design that skilled artisans take the time to create with each order. Whether you’re out riding your horse or enjoying some time with the humans in your life elsewhere, each color option will illuminate in every environment because of the high-end materials used in the creation of each necklace. The design of the necklace gives ode to the significance of the horseshoe, but it also draws the eye to the center of the horseshoe itself. The horseshoe design is meant to compliment the black crystal center that holds an image close to your heart. Now, you can physically hold the image close to your heart as you wear the necklace around your neck. You can take a look at the photo whenever you’d like.

 2. Incredibly Meaningful

While the necklace undoubtedly has a cute design — there’s much more meaning behind the adorable horseshoe. You can choose a photo that makes you feel happy and place it inside of the necklace. Whether you choose to place a photo of just your horse or one of you riding your horse, you will be able to view that precious photo at any time. Most horse lovers feel most at peace when with their horse, so this necklace is meant to provide some comfort for those who are away from their best friend.

 3. A One-of-a-Kind Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a horse lover in your life, you’ve absolutely found it with this unique necklace. This photo projection necklace is a gift that the recipient will never have seen coming. While other people continue to give them practical gear (that they don’t really need anymore because they already have it all), you can present them with something deeply special. You could opt to place a photo of just their horse or a photo of them doing what they love — riding their horse. This is an ‘I love you’ necklace because it shows the recipient that you care about what brings them joy in life. Watch them light up as they view the projection of their beloved horse; they can now have their horse with them wherever they go.

Here's a link to the Necklace: Personalized Photo Projection Horseshoe Necklace

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