5 Ways to Become a Better Rider

Falling in love with horses comes naturally — but learning to become a great rider is a skill you must work towards. It may be easier for some over others, but anyone can become a proficient rider if time and energy are put into the process. Here are five ways that you can work towards becoming excellent at riding a horse:


Start Prioritizing Groundwork

It’s so easy to get eager to jump on the saddle so you can have an enjoyable ride with your horse, but you mustn’t forget the importance of groundwork. Here’s the reality of the situation: your horse will not listen to you while you’re on the saddle if they don’t listen to you while you’re training them on the ground.


Groundwork helps establish a trusting relationship with your horse. It gives them time to work with you while you’re on the ground so that you can build a face-to-face connection. Face-to-face connections are critical between you and your horse because it emphasizes that trust and communication are a priority. Plus, taking the time to do some groundwork with your horse on a regular basis allows you to introduce new training techniques and exercises that will make you two a better duo.


Learn The Importance of Your Body Language

Body language affects the way that your horse will act towards you. Even with a saddle separating the two of you from directly touching, your horse can still sense when you’re tense. If you feel nervous or uncomfortable, your horse will pick up on your muscle tension and become reactive in situations very quickly. The next time you hop on the saddle, try to be mindful of your muscle tension and movements. The best riders are very conscious of their muscles, movements, and energy when they’re interacting with their beloved horse.


Take a Video of Yourself Riding

One of the best-kept secrets to becoming a better rider is to take videos of yourself riding! Horseback riding is one of those things where it’s easier for you to understand your shortcomings if you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses on a video recording.


Take a Professional Lesson

When all else fails, take a professional horse riding lesson! Experts in the field will assess your riding technique and help you adjust particular quirks you may have to help you become a more confident rider.


Spend as Much Time Around Horses As You Can

An integral part of horseback riding is establishing a connection with your horse. So, we recommend spending as much time around your horse as possible if you aren’t doing so already. Spending quality time with your horse will build trust, connection, and understanding. You’ll notice a difference in your riding if you form a stronger bond with your horse — it takes two to tango!


Hard Work Pays Off

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