How Do I Transition My Horse to Spring Pasture?

Spring is a lovely time of year for many reasons, but it’s especially a wonderful time for horse owners. The warmer weather and blooming foliage make for enjoyable riding — all season long. While spring is an exciting time for both you and your horse, it’s essential to be informed about the changes that occur this time of year. Springtime means it’s time to transition your horse from hay to spring pasture. Here’s how you can safely transition your horse’s food:


Gradual Transition

Just like any transition with your horse, it’s important to gradually increase the amount of time they’re allowed to graze each day. You should start the season by allowing your sweet animal to feed for just fifteen minutes every day. With each passing day, you can safely increase your horse’s time in the pasture by an additional fifteen minutes. Eventually, your horse can enjoy the great outdoors for approximately four to five hours per day. It would be best if you never allowed your horse to be in the pasture for longer than five hours.


Understand The Process

It’s important to be informed of the reasoning behind the slow process of transitioning your horse to the pasture. Horse’s digestive tracts need to have ample time to adjust to the new type of food — mainly because spring grass has high amounts of potassium and other enzymes. Your horse’s system needs to slowly adapt to the new enzymes found in the fresh spring grass.


Please ensure that your horse doesn’t overgraze throughout the warmer months. For the pasture to be a good source of nutrients for your beloved pal year after year, it’s essential to give the pasture time to recover after your horse has enjoyed certain sections of it.


Here’s how to make sure that your horse does not overgraze: do not begin grazing in an area until the grass has reached approximately six to eight inches in length. Carefully watch where your horse decides to eat to make sure that the grass’s height does not drop below three to four inches. If the grass gets any shorter than that, there’s a high chance that it will end up dying.


Treat Yourself for Your Patience

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