How To Help Your Horse With Spring Fever

Spring has sprung — this term means something a little different to horse lovers. Spring is a wonderful time of year as the flowers begin to bloom and the weather is finally enjoyable enough to ride. While you’re likely excited to jump back on the saddle, you may notice that your horse seems out of sorts. It’s perfectly normal if your horse is acting anxious and nervous around this time of year. Here are some ways that you can help your horse overcome the dreaded spring fever:


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While you might want to immediately saddle up and have an amazing ride with your best friend, it’s not the best thing for them. You should slowly acclimate your horse to riding again. Experts suggest implementing an ‘onboarding’ program to establish a routine between your horse and yourself. You should engage in a lot of controlled flatwork so your horse can adjust to the new routine and build their muscle strength back up.


Give Your Horse Magnesium

Did you know that the fresh grass that grows during springtime contains a lot of potassium? The extra intake of potassium is known to reduce the absorption of magnesium. Here’s how it affects your best pal: they’re consuming more potassium than normal which results in their bodies having difficulty absorbing magnesium. When your horse’s body does not get enough magnesium, they’re much more likely to feel nervous. Magnesium is linked directly to horses’ behavior — so it’s important to ensure that your horse has enough magnesium in their system so they can function properly.


The Days Are Getting Longer

We all love the newfound extended periods of daylight because we can spend more time outdoors with our horses. It’s essential that you don’t shock your horse by suddenly placing them outside for a longer time than they’re used to. Routines are everything this time of year, so try to slowly introduce the longer days to your beloved horse. If you immediately place them outside for an extended period of time, it may negatively impact their digestive system and brain. That would certainly cause your horse to experience spring fever — and we don’t want that.


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Follow our three actionable steps to help your horse get through this difficult time of year. While it can be a difficult process to get your horse adjusted to the new season, you could certainly look good while doing it if you wear the stunning horse photo projection necklace. Happy spring!

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