Spring Horse Care Checklist

Taking care of your horse during springtime is a little more comprehensive than other times of the year. While it’s an exciting and overwhelming time for you and your horse, it’s important to make sure that you don’t miss an essential step on your horse care checklist. Here’s everything you need to know about caring for your horse this spring:


Spring Vaccinations

Did you know that springtime means it’s time to vaccinate your horse, so they’re safe and healthy year-round? This is the first thing you should check off your spring horse care checklist.


Here are the core vaccinations required every spring:

  • Rabies
  • West Nile Virus
  • Tetanus


There are plenty of other optional vaccinations that you can give your horse, but it’s dependent on the risks associated with your local area. Please contact your local veterinarian to inquire about the potential risks in your area.


Hoof Trimming

Horse hoof trimming is crucial before you take your horse on those long-awaited springtime rides. Your horse’s hooves have been trudging around in the mud and sleet all winter, so there’s likely going to be debris in their hooves that needs to be cleared out so they can enjoy the warmer weather.


Pasture Care

While your horse may have spring fever (check out our earlier blog post to see how to cure it), it’s crucial that you don’t immediately let them into the pasture to graze to their heart’s content. Horse pastures need to be cared for properly so your horse can safely enjoy the great outdoors. Consider establishing strip grazing to help your horse grow accustomed to being outdoors again. Your horse needs to begin to enjoy grazing in their pasture again slowly, so it’s helpful to find ways to ensure they don’t overeat.


Barn Care

Spring cleaning doesn’t just occur in our homes — it should occur in our horse’s homes too! Spring is the perfect time to get inside your barn and thoroughly clean and organize everything. Consider doing the following: clean those dirty counters in the feed room, take care of your horse’s laundry, and unclog any drains that are blocked from the excess mud. Please also make sure your first aid kit is updated and ready to go!


Hard Work Pays Off

There’s only one last thing to do after you’ve completed every other step on our spring horse care checklist — pat yourself on the back! The best way to show gratitude to yourself for your special care and productiveness is to get a meaningful gift. You deserve it. Our  LYDOO® Personalized Photo Projection Necklace Gift for Horse Lovers is the perfect way to acknowledge all of your hard work and your excitement for the warmer months ahead. Wear this photo projection necklace as you ride your horse, or pay homage to your horse as you can look inside it and see your special pal wherever you go. This horse necklace is the perfect way to celebrate your hard work and your horse’s unique beauty.

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