Three Ways To Prevent Your Horse From Stomach Problems

When taking care of your beloved horse, it’s essential to remember how much their diet affects their overall demeanor. Every horse owner strives to ensure their horse’s overall happiness — feeding them a balanced diet is a key to maintaining their health and happiness. Many factors go into preventing your horse from having stomach problems. Here are three simple ways you can prevent your horse from getting unwanted stomach issues:


  1. More Time in the Pasture Is Generally Better

Horse’s digestive tracts are designed to graze throughout the day. If your horse is lucky enough to have a pasture to call home, you should consider allowing them to gradually feed when they’re hungry. Your pasture must have ample grass — please also be mindful that your horse isn’t ingesting dirt or sand. Your horse will operate to their fullest potential if they meander around their pasture and consume grass to their heart’s desire.


If your horse can’t graze in their horse pasture for an extended period due to health reasons, we recommend putting a muzzle on them so they can still enjoy exercise and sunshine outdoors.


  1. Feed Your Horse Hay First, Then Grain

Just as seen with humans, horses need a well-balanced diet to avoid stomach problems. This horse hay guide is a helpful tool that will help you find the best type of hay for your horse’s specific health needs.


Here’s a pro tip that many horse owners don’t know about horse care: you should always feed hay before grain. Horses generally like the taste of grain over hay, so they will choose to eat grain before hay if they have the option. It’s essential that you feed your horse hay and then follow up with the grain. It doesn’t work to feed them hay and grain simultaneously.


If your horse eats the grain first, their body will digest it too quickly. Digesting grains too quickly could upset your horse’s stomach — it also prevents them from properly absorbing the nutrients in the grain.


  1. Protect Your Horse’s Gut Flora

For your horse to receive a well-balanced diet, you should give them supplements that will help aid their digestive system. Many probiotics on the market will provide your horse with live microorganisms that will allow their gut to flourish. We recommend speaking to your veterinarian about which supplements are best for your horse’s specific dietary needs.


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