Monica Cambell

Let me introduce myself: My name is Monica Cambell and I am the founder of LYDOO.

What is LYDOO? I have often asked myself this question. For me, LYDOO is the realization of a life's dream and the beginning of my new life as a founder. After several unhappy years as an employee, I dared to take the step and set up my own business with LYDOO in order to finally do what I always wanted to do.

But what does LYDOO mean to you? I hope and think, basically the same.

With LYDOO I want to pass on my dream, which has come true for me. I would like to give you the opportunity to show the individual personality and unique beauty of your pet.

I want to reflect myself in my products and therefore I only sell products that I have developed by myself. My demands on a product are very simple: I am only satisfied with the best. The combination of good quality and fast delivery times are my key to success for LYDOO.